January 23, 2018
by ashdownh

PRIVACY NOTICE – Your information & what I do with it

For your protection, safety and to help tailor your future treatment to your needs and personality, I may ask for information about your health, lifestyle and personal history, with your consent of course.

All written personal data (signed consent form) and sensitive data (treatment notes) are filed and locked away in a safe location.

Sensitive data is separated from personal data and labelled under a reference number only, as are invoices issued.

Such notes, data and invoices will be stored securely for up to 8 years.

Names & reference numbers are kept in an electronic locked file and email access is password protected.

You have the ‘right of subject access’ (under the Data Protection Act) to such personal data filed as above.

I can confirm that your personal data will not be shared with any third party.

March 4, 2018
by ashdownh

*COMING SOON* Warriors, Settlers & Nomads (WSN)

Just as there are 3 primary colours that make up every other colour.. there are also 3 human psychological behaviours that combine to make every possible personality!

There’s the Strong & Controlling Part, the Compliant & Friendly Part and the Enthusiastic & Energetic Part… think of them as the Firm Part, the Kind Part and the Fun Part or better still, the Controlling Part, the Caring Part and the Charismatic Part…and it’s the mix of the 3 that makes us work the way we do.

There is not a better or worse part, in fact we need aspects of all them in various aspects of life but uncovering where we either thrive or lack certain parts in life’s challenges can be hugely beneficial.

February 19, 2018
by ashdownh

Anxiety and the importance of breathing

People often roll their eyes when they’re being advised ‘how to’ breath.. after all, everyone knows how to breath… don’t they?

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to threatening, dangerous or stressful situations but when it constantly puts us in that ‘fight or flight’ mode it’s exhausting!

Sometimes slight anxiety helps to motivate us or warn us of impending risk or danger however for many of us, our brains over compensate and over protect when we don’t need it to, putting us in that ‘fight or flight’ mode far too often and unnecessarily.

Controlled breathing helps us to neutralise that ‘fight or flight’ response and put our bodies back in to the ‘relax and digest’ mode instead, the mode we are in once a threat has passed.

First of all, remember that before you can take a deep breath, you have to exhale. So often we don’t exhale enough before we start to breathe back in again. And don’t be afraid to be vocal when you exhale, like sighing with relief.

Secondly, when we feel the need to breathe more air in to our lungs, we need to make some more space in our lungs. Our diaphragm sits between our lungs and our tummy so if we allow our tummy to expand as we breathe in, it makes room for our diaphragm to drop, giving us more space in our lungs.

Like most things that are good for us, it takes a little practice but once you’ve mastered it, you will notice the difference when you need it.

Just two steps

Step one: Breathe in through your nose and notice that breath travelling right past your lungs and in to your tummy and allow your tummy to physically expand as you do this. You may find that laying down helps you to feel this.

Step two: Breathe back out through your mouth, allowing your tummy to relax back to normal.

Allow each breath in to be full and deep… and each breath out to be long and smooth.

If you would like some help with this or a chat about your anxiety in general, please feel free to give me call or drop me a message by clicking on CONTACT now.

More posts coming soon…

October 28, 2017
by ashdownh

New for 2018… Advanced BWRT Level Two: Psychology of Identity and Behaviour

Advanced BWRT®: Psychology of Identity and Behaviour

A relatively new therapy that takes BWRT® to the next level, bringing together so much of what I already do but in a slightly different way.

If you feel your problem is a part of you.. or even the real you.. then your whole identity has become it’s own template or pattern in your brain… so you need the tools create a new self-perception.. a new vision of your self

September 21, 2017
by ashdownh

BWRT® going from strength to strength!

BWRT® is going from strength to strength and remember it  is NOT hypnosis and is carried out in a completely conscious state.

I have had several new testimonials recently, as well as other success stories I am unable to share in detail.. needless to say this therapy is proving fast & effective…

Flying testimonial: “Hi Wendy. Just a quick message to let you know how I got on with the flights. I was surpringly calm even though both flights were quite bumpy. I was still a little nervous and watching the clock all the way. However, I felt very much in control, my stomach wasn’t churning and I didn’t feel like I was going to panic. The thought of flying home didn’t spoil my holiday in anyway at all, I didn’t even think about it until the last day. I didn’t take the diasapam that I had been prescribed because I didn’t feel like I needed to. Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome, not 100% over it but a massive improvement in only 2 sessions. Thank you so much.”

Spider testimonial after one session: “I did see a spider which was quite close to me and was moving a lot about a week after we met… my boyfriend did comment that I was much calmer, there was no screaming, feeling sick or panicking and I managed to remain still whilst he dealt with it. I did analyse it after,.. asking myself if I did definitely feel less panicked and sick, I think I was surprised I didn’t feel that way if that makes sense because it has been that way for so long… Interestingly I do not feel I go looking for them anymore and I have also not had any of my usual dreams about them crawling on the walls etc. in my half-asleep/half-awake state which in the past meant I would physically sit up and shine torches on the walls… I am really pleased with how it has helped so far.. thank you again for your help, on the whole it has been a very positive experience.”

Anxiety testimonial after one session: “Oh and a massive positive I was able to go to a meal Friday without rushing home and was even able to go on to have drinks… this is such a massive massive step for me so thankyou !!!”

Dog phobia after one session: “Thank you so much Wendy. I am so grateful for your help. I can’t believe one BWRT session could have helped my phobia of dogs so much. I was able to have a photo with my sisters dog at the weekend which would never of happened before.”

I will never tire of the look of wonder on a client’s face afterwards when they wonder where that fear or feeling has gone… go ahead and try it for yourself.

April 12, 2017
by ashdownh

Fancy some ‘me’ time?.. Guided Relaxation & Anxiety Release

If I asked you to clear your mind and just ‘be still’ you would probably find it hard to think of ‘nothing’…  I know I would?

When you close your eyes, instead of relaxing, does your mind suddenly fill with all of those thoughts you’ve been too busy to think of all day?

And then sometimes… maybe those thoughts turn in to worries, niggles, anxieties…

This is similar to when you may wake up feeling tired or ‘foggy’ in the morning. Sometimes your overloaded brain is trying to resolve too many emotional expectations (worries) each night and this can lead to exhaustion when you wake up … and so the cycle continues.

Sound familiar?.. you need to learn to relax so allow me to guide you…

During my guided relaxations, when I ask you to close your eyes, I will ask you to acknowledge the sounds around, to make yourself comfortable in my chair and to just focus on what I’m saying… then just enjoy the journey I guide you through. It really is that easy.

It is helpful if you’re able to tell me a real ‘place’ (or situation) in your memory where you can relax or have relaxed in the past. Otherwise you can find a ‘place’ in your imagination where you would love to be to relax and unwind. Either is fine and effective for me to take you there but if you really can’t tell me either of those, that’s ok too, I have plenty I can offer and a great imagination.

“Wow I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time!”

When you allow yourself to have this time to yourself, to really let go and relax, it can be so beneficial for your mind and body. Like ‘clearing some clutter’ and giving your mind and body the chance to reset and let go. 

A short experience of this is included as part of my Hypnotherapy introductory consultation session.

**NEW** I now offer a reduced ‘Pure Relaxation’ Hypnotherapy session for just £30*.

45 minutes to yourself to experience Hypnotherapy and enjoy the sheer calm, peace & relaxation.. the chance to hit that reset button and maybe let go of some of that stress & tension and the chance to have some well deserved ‘me’ time!

*This session is subject to a telephone chat prior to booking, unless you are a previous client.

January 28, 2017
by ashdownh

What to expect from your hypnotherapy introductory consultation session

I have recently lengthened this session to 90 minutes so that I can have a much fuller consultation with you. I don’t want either of us to feel rushed and I pride myself on tailoring my therapy to you and not the other way round…

We have a completely relaxed and confidential chat about what you would like to gain from our time together and I answer any questions that you have.

This is a chance for me get to know you however I will not push you to share any details that you don’t wish to. As I said before, I am far more interested in your positive future.

I will, of course, check if there are any health issues that I should be aware of.

Just as importantly, this is also a chance for you to get to know me.

After our chat, I will give you either an experience of how hypnotherapy can relax you (as I believe this really helps to put you at ease, especially if you have never experienced hypnosis before and don’t know what to expect) or your first session of BWRT®.

Many people have told me how much they have enjoyed this first experience and how it makes them feel so much calmer and ready for their future sessions. Some have even returned for a longer version of this relaxation experience alone.

They also often tell me that they have gone on to have a fantastic night’s sleep… so not bad for a first session!

This introductory consultation session costs £60 and lasts up to 90 minutes.

“Wow I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time!”