Fancy some ‘me’ time?.. Guided Relaxation & Anxiety Release


If I asked you to clear your mind and just ‘be still’ you would probably find it hard to think of ‘nothing’…  I know I would?

When you close your eyes, instead of relaxing, does your mind suddenly fill with all of those thoughts you’ve been too busy to think of all day?

And then sometimes… maybe those thoughts turn in to worries, niggles, anxieties…

This is similar to when you may wake up feeling tired or ‘foggy’ in the morning. Sometimes your overloaded brain is trying to resolve too many emotional expectations (worries) each night and this can lead to exhaustion when you wake up … and so the cycle continues.

Sound familiar?.. you need to learn to relax so allow me to guide you…

During my guided relaxations, when I ask you to close your eyes, I will ask you to acknowledge the sounds around, to make yourself comfortable in my chair and to just focus on what I’m saying… then just enjoy the journey I guide you through. It really is that easy.

It is helpful if you’re able to tell me a real ‘place’ (or situation) in your memory where you can relax or have relaxed in the past. Otherwise you can find a ‘place’ in your imagination where you would love to be to relax and unwind. Either is fine and effective for me to take you there but if you really can’t tell me either of those, that’s ok too, I have plenty I can offer and a great imagination.

“Wow I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time!”

When you allow yourself to have this time to yourself, to really let go and relax, it can be so beneficial for your mind and body. Like ‘clearing some clutter’ and giving your mind and body the chance to reset and let go. 

A short experience of this is included as part of my Hypnotherapy introductory consultation session.

**NEW** I now offer a reduced ‘Pure Relaxation’ Hypnotherapy session for just £30*.

45 minutes to yourself to experience Hypnotherapy and enjoy the sheer calm, peace & relaxation.. the chance to hit that reset button and maybe let go of some of that stress & tension and the chance to have some well deserved ‘me’ time!

*This session is subject to a telephone chat prior to booking, unless you are a previous client.

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