What to expect from your hypnotherapy introductory consultation session


I have recently lengthened this session to 90 minutes so that I can have a much fuller consultation with you. I don’t want either of us to feel rushed and I pride myself on tailoring my therapy to you and not the other way round…

We have a completely relaxed and confidential chat about what you would like to gain from our time together and I answer any questions that you have.

This is a chance for me get to know you however I will not push you to share any details that you don’t wish to. As I said before, I am far more interested in your positive future.

I will, of course, check if there are any health issues that I should be aware of.

Just as importantly, this is also a chance for you to get to know me.

After our chat, I will give you either an experience of how hypnotherapy can relax you (as I believe this really helps to put you at ease, especially if you have never experienced hypnosis before and don’t know what to expect) or your first session of BWRT®.

Many people have told me how much they have enjoyed this first experience and how it makes them feel so much calmer and ready for their future sessions. Some have even returned for a longer version of this relaxation experience alone.

They also often tell me that they have gone on to have a fantastic night’s sleep… so not bad for a first session!

This introductory consultation session costs £60 and lasts up to 90 minutes.

“Wow I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time!”

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